Kids Karousel
Owners: Sylvie Foulds and Claire Parolisi
Established in July of 1994
We sell new and used clothes, toys and furniture.

We buy the new items we sell and sell them at a discounted price.
We consign all the re-sale that we sell.
Which means that we take in the gently used items by season and appointment only. 
We set the customer up with an account and sell their items under that account number.
50% on the clothes, shoes and acc. and 60% on the toys, furniture and non-clothing items.Then, as the items sell, we credit the customer with a portion of the sale. 
We do not, as a general rule, mail out any checks.The customer has the option to choose whichever way they want payment each time they come in.a purchase in the store [new or used items], or they can request a check.As their items sell and their account credits builds, the customer can use the credit towards
There are a few rules to follow in bringing in items to consign.
Come in to get a copy of our policies and procedures.